Monday, August 28, 2017

New next :

Had signed up for this challenge while back and finished loooooooooooong time back, was spread over some days , but doing along with all other things going on it was kind of .....
Finally the medal just arrived.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Women's Adventure:

Women's adventure camping:
Aug 17 to 21 -2017
Early morning 5 / 5.30ish

It was about time to claim the gift. With so many things going on, had totally forgotten about this for a while until it was time to go. This was the first time had ever done solo camping. Carrying / setting up the tent with many others.
Getting up really early in the morning, walking around in the fog, watching the night sky, stars in pitch darkness. Have seen this before so many times but every time it's really something.

  As per one's liking we always keep on doing couple things and some things even if you want to do or try out always get pushed back. I am sure this happens with most of us. It was a great chance to do / explore / try out things never done before.  Doing so many things one after another time just flies and one doesn't even realize that weekend is over making memories.

Rock climbing French's dome, kayaking, trail running, hiking
Too many details and unknowingly everyone tries to follow the footsteps. Just go with the flow. Most importantly have fun.

Taking in the views during wild hike Aug 20 2017
A thing to cherish!! Yes and the Solar eclipse, with so many people sharing so many things about it didn't want to fall in that mode of information overload or flooding everyone's mailboxes or Facebook feeds with it. It was amazing, had seen before but every time it's
great!! Pictures too ....

Glimpses:- things done