Saturday, January 7, 2006


Recently came across the news of bench collapse in Hawaii volcano national park, taking you back to the event you yourself did, year we started exploring some outside things.

The forecast was for high winds and very choppy waters hence rescheduled the boat ride. It was for viewing lava flow deep inside ocean ( new land forming up close), I think it was more than an hour of boat ride to get to the location. Pretty small boat. On the day of event the water was still choppy with winds ( it was rough sea) and when we were about to start, one small kid on the shore screamed "come back alive". Haha good start, he must have said it jokingly or not sure why but indeed he chose the right time to say it :).  Close to sunset we reached the spot. The boat was really close to the molten lava and there were bunch of people who must have hiked on lava bed to get the view from top. People were really on the edge looking down. Coming back it was pitch dark and not sure how much sea water we must have drank, it was pure roller coaster ride. Both, hiking to see lava and boat ride have their individual risk factors and other challenges. Night to remember.

Night hiking on lava fields:  follow the reflectors
set up for you by the rangers in pitch darkness and listen to the occasional hissing sound when lava meets water (actually sometimes its so loud u feel its happening right next to you). There are two types of lava flows "pa hoe hoe (looks like cow dung )" and "Aa Aa ( sharp rock piles)". Its a very sharp volcanic rock and walking at night is a task but under the starry skies its still pleasant torture.

Soaring over the PU uU Oo volcano vent the volcanic fog is so strong and with winds sometimes rather most of the times its hard to see the lava pool inside the crater.When u hover near the volcano vent in some twists and turns to get look inside the vent u really feel adventurous.

Watching sunset from high above the clouds. Galaxies, falling stars are amazing to watch in pitch darkness and pin-drop silence.

Hiking inside many other craters, trails, lava fields are great ways to explore the islands. Besides bunch other water activities.
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