Sunday, November 27, 2016


Everyone has a long backup of things planned but get postponed for some or the other reasons. Where to start as the pile gets bigger and bigger and things get further pushed back looking at the backlog. Owing to this tendency writing down some experiences went back of my list. Some writings here some there and countless pages with things done. A world of small big adventures. Everyone has them, these adventures many be tiny for some or too big for others, but they are your own small yet big adventures.

Years have passed and time has flown, many things done and achieved.
(26 half marathons, 4 full marathons, 5k's , 10k's)
Lets start with current.. finished 4th full marathon Nov.2016. The journey which started in 2011 winter with first ever half marathon in Seattle winter. 

Not sure if I could say I would have run half marathons or full marathons growing up. Running or walking these distances was never even on minds. Bombay, full of life, busy routines, school,college, trains, hobby classes, studies there was no time as such devoted for sports. The only thing would be being part of school sports team as it was part of curriculum but did good there, playing on grounds after school hours, during some vacations going on some forts. That's it.  

Long story but its just that one moment when U tell yourself and bingo!! it happens, guess that's how it has been. Everyone has their own trait for this. 

There was local group practicing for the event and they had already started. With the first timers hesitation just went along and could do some runs. Initially it was all body for initial 8 miles but never had any kind of pain just heaviness in legs which is pretty normal after these kind of things. But for later distances (post 8 miles) its more of mind over body. I think peoples minds give up earlier than their physical ability. The body constantly tells mind why should I do it, what is the point, I am paying for my torture, instead of having fun I am running in filthy weather it goes through all kinds of turmoils to bring you down and deter you from doing it.  

Well finished first ever half marathon in winter cold, freezing temps and not sure if have looked back since then, so far have done 26 half marathons. Almost 9 one year and 7 another. The distance of full marathon was far apart, its running two half marathons back to back. It happened !!! 2014 winter first full marathon. Following that trail full marathon and couple road full marathons. And yes somehow unplanned, unknowingly I became a runner!!

At the same time happy to see people drawing inspiration, getting help for their events ,getting motivated to walk at least and glad to be part of it all and help them. Three cheers to them!!!