Monday, August 7, 2017

Biking 2017 :-

Emerald bike ride / some others
It's kind of interesting thing to add to the list. Growing up remember those times when did one round around the lake and that's it done deal , more energy was spent lifting the bike and taking it to fourth floor and getting it down.

But still I think once you have learned something U might need more tuning to get back in touch, you can at least ride.

Totally agree, bikes here are very different (gears and all, the one I rode at home was just basic , now all fancy bikes are available everywhere) with all riding rules and other things.

Tulip pedal ride was the first organized ride done here, I think after that got kinda occupied with many other things, Emerald bike ride by cascade bicycle club was
the one did recently and now just some other rides over weekends.
People who know me really know this is venturing in different world.. :).

 Just kidding!! having fun so far!!.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vienna To Czech republic hiking:

July 14- 25 2017
Covering 90 some miles hiking, exploring things etc.

As it has been a trend, things always happen at the last minute and it works out better. Probably too much time into planning and thinking is for some set of people or needed where its required like U have to have permits and all, but not for us. There goes too much waiting period. N'ways have done both kind of things but always in favor of last minute quick things.

This was first time exploring new country, first time solo kind travel for hiking and exploring other things (my other half had 3 weeks break in India so no vacation left for him.) Was in kind of dilemma whether to do this one or the other but all other logistics came together at last minute and decided to do this.

This was the first time traveling in this region. Navigating and traveling these days is way much easier given all the technology available at hands.Language can hardly become a barrier and if one has done train travel in Bombay, one can travel in any parts of other country easily. It's kind of cool experiment not to use technology and interact with locals for information, they are really helpful and one comes to know more. My cab driver in Vienna was kid doing summer job with his mom being teacher and dad a chef, probably he told more about things in Vienna. Using local transportation, walking around is yet another way. 
Most noticeable thing was people are really outdoors kind, biking being primary activity, river floats,
rafting etc. The bicycle routes in Czech are extensive and well maintained and marked. There are color coded different kind of trails, red, blue, green. Educational trails are very well marked and informative. Maintaining old forests, various restoration sites, man made lakes, fish farming, bee farming and hunting are couple other things. Cleanliness and good habits were a nice touch. It was so fun to meet lively, continuously smiling individual in the winery and he proudly sharing his wine shares with everyone.
Really happy go lucky kind of guy and wife has really good voice.

More than hikes I would call them walks in the forests, towns, different places and they could be more intense than they are. But it was good mix of culture, places, country side etc giving you an idea of what is out there. The glimpse into local life and culture in some days.

Visiting these countries and not remembering world wars and things which happened during that era is not possible. On and off one can see remains and cemeteries and untouched , unused equipments reminding you of the times. So far everything you saw in movies and when really being present there and walking through, was a different thing.

Flowers / potatoes / fruit stalls /Hanna pottery maker / nature museum
Getting up really early and having walk/ run early morning or using free time during lunch more efficiently, stroll before dinners and silent nights to watch calmness that falls in place and how the place looks are some more ways apart from regular schedules to do what you want to and explore and enjoy the place. If you are like me, not much into shopping category you will do more hiking around, finding new things and doing them. Walk up the castle towers, night walks in the city, wooden boat rides, doing smith job making coins, nails, visiting nearby area, quick running up the hill, early morning bird watch and many more things.
Finally it's you who decides how best shape you are in.

Well given that it was nice experience in new country!! Music, food, people , culture , history, castles add special touch and good set of fun loving people to do all these things with.

 Some Glimpses:

Monday, July 3, 2017

Roller skating :

Had done this in arena not many but just twice or so and given every time summer was busy with things outside attempt got pushed back, finally today was the day ... being holiday had real fun heavy weight lifting class in the gym and what followed later evening time was the attempt with roller skates, with all possible gear and poles to support. Funny, one has to stand in grass to take picture. Nice sunset and evening by the water. Beautiful day!!

Beautiful, fireworks and music was really good to mark 4th july

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Solo Hike -2

July 2: Bullitt fireplace trail:-
Well beautiful morning today, imagine getting up eating Idli -sambar , coffee for breakfast reading book in kind of cloudy nice weather. Lucky me, made it the earlier night so one gets to eat it next morning. These days mornings start with cloud cover which burns off later.

Initial route
Anyways , so far had never been to Squak mountain state park before, it just went back of the list. Well reached the place sometime around 11, not that many cars, there is no designated parking lot too where I parked ( not sure if there is some other entrance), just parked by the side of the road and there was one couple just getting down new to hiking and they were too doing this trail for the first time. Just walked with them for .1 / .2 some miles and headed ahead. The place really has jungle kind off feeling even the forest is thick, did see deers, birds, banana slugs, something rat like, squirrels, small garter snake etc. Well the trail is not bad, initially wider and in between gets steeper and thin with lots of brush around.


That's the end of signs place
Followed the signs for the fireplace trail, but at the end after the mentioned distance they just disappear,  there comes some area with different trees altogether and signs for other trails, saw people wandering around there, they too were trying to find fireplace if it existed. Just did run around the area on different section to see if there was anything and since this was first time on this trail decided to head back. Saw one runner, he mentioned he runs here quite a bit but has never seen fireplace. Will figure out next time. Overall nice trail, not that much traffic and dense forest, walking in my unexplored area for the first time, not exactly sure but may be walked around 4 /5 miles altogether.

When headed out there were far more cars parked outside. Well should / could have checked report for the trail, just forgot to do that. Nice experience though!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Solo Hike

Poo Poo point :- Chirico trail - 1800 ft elevation, 4 miles round trip.

For first solo hiking experience it has earned to be penned down. However big or small the distance doesn't matter as much as the fact that an individual did it. Beautiful Saturday July 1st , after finishing just the previous day 200 miles challenge which lasted over some days, it was lazy morning. Weather was beautiful though, just that one kick came with tea in hand and decided to head out for Chirico trail - poo poo point. Some 1800 feet elevation with 4 miles about round trip. Have done this before many times, but never solo.

Trail sections remind of Inca Trek with uneven stone walks, cool breeze, each section you observe as if  you have never been there before and relate it to sections of some things you have done previously. Occasional hi / hello , some information exchange with some new people to the trail. Just an amazing thing. Everyone on trail was really in good spirit, may be holidays and relaxed minds are one of the causes.

Many people sitting at first false summit taking in the views and many more at the top real summit.
After drinking water and just spending some time up, headed down, almost in running mode. Overall beautiful day and awesome memory, to be cherished forever!! Yes, it happened !!!

Solo travel and touring around japan last year and hiking around both have their own charm as one might say!! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Pills

Yay feeling great!! on Global run day , became Brooks Athlete. It is such a coincidence since the time started running have been using Brooks shoes, right now what I have are 'launch' . What everyone wears is their personal choice based on what suits their feet and have seen over the time it even changes, for me these work really well.

Haha , need to take some cool running picture but for now one from Feb 2017 winter works.

Feeling awesome, blessed
#brooks #brooksendorsed #brooksathlete #run #running #athlete

Well I need to put my own runs done page or results page, Athlinks keeps changing their website and many results one adds get removed, re-adding them is just a task. So not all things done are listed there but they are really trying their best to keep up. Not blaming but just something ...The link is very much present on this blog under the "Have fun- some other blogs" category, on right side just scroll down.... njoy ...

Happy pills ----- 25 / 30 pounds and 200 squats ... ohhhh !! feels nice. These days intense workouts are really amazing...

Life is great!!!

17-June : nice day for some run and volunteer work , blackberry removal.

Yay!! Sun June 18:
Solo zipilining on fathers day.
Was little cloudy and rainy earlier but rain stopped and enjoyed zipping in the trees....

When at last minute one has to change plans ...... oops!!! not good thing but happens!! still beautiful sat. 24th .. Sun.25th WOW !! even 800 ft. elevation felt high enough in scorching heat with no shade, 7/8 miles started around 11.30ish , god knows how high the temps were. 85 F or more. Nice wknd with strawberry festival etc. etc ...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Water it is :-

Growing up, as far I remember we had only one public swimming pool near our place, one year in vacation got admission and with enthusiastic schoolies learned to float. Well later studies, exam and came the next year vacation but the admissions were all over for entry and there went the learning in water...

Come to think of it, have done many water activities without it. Parasailing, jet boats, whitewater rafting, boat rides, snorkeling not in deep waters though, sailing, river rides, river hikes and many other things. One of the most interesting recent was, crossing muddy river walking through it without knowing depth or for that matter absolutely anything as to what lives in that river (very interesting... :) ) .

June 6:

Getting one more year younger always starts with something new, well this time it was lesson come ride on sail boat. It was really interesting to understand how to steer it , use of ropes, setting sails and many other things. Had real fun, turned out to be really amazing thing. Imagine taking pictures with camera later to realize memory card was missing :) This time it was my bad and that was first time. Iphone for rescue, glad had taken at least some shots with it. Reason enough .....

 keep happy! keep healthy! keep moving!!

Feeling great!!

June 10:

Beautiful day on water again.
First time experience in a canoe. Had done other things before not the canoe. Basically front person rows and back steers, both using paddles. Once got the hang of it which really didn't take time at all, it was nice. Catching and riding on waves generated by other power boats, wind and newbies who do not get hang of rowing or the one's who have done it before but still ride little weird in kind of zigzag patterns are to watch out for, also other boats, canoes, paddle boarders. Best way to deal with this is to row faster and keep long enough distance in between. It was lot of fun 4 miles of rowing. 

June 11:

Nice day, initial plans were of something different which changed later. Hike come walk and balancing acts in the woods. Pulling some balancing acts on logs and tree stumps in not so yoga friendly attire though it was skort (hiking skirt with built in shorts), haha :), yup still was fun.

One of the best question asked was how can one stay calm among all the unwanted noise around? :

For beginners basic answer is simple "Shallow waters make more noise,people who are making noise are hiding their lies and trying to cover their wrong doings by making noise. If those kind can party, then you have even more right to enjoy life and one has to think do people know even ounce of your side of story?
if answer is " no" then enjoy full on. One should ask " what is it that you know about me from me?? Put all the details with facts out, word by word who said what and who did what and put out your story."

Have a great Life!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Life is beautiful -

Look what was received in the mail today : The medal for the 100 miles challenge ...It was long finished in April 2017.

Turned out to be classic PNW day , perfect for some outing

Beautiful day for some miles on bike.... and quick evening hike....

Memorial Day weekend: 2017

Interesting thing:  I registered for the ride just a week before and over weekend we did some biking on Sammamish river trail, and 5 minutes one day on hill to know the gear system. Had fun riding on the highway for the first time with lots of people, I think almost 7000 people participated. Emerald Bike ride 2017 -cascade bicycle club. Nice organization, kudos to all the volunteers, staff, police for making it safe and fun experience. Glad could climb uphills and down hills.

Besides luck by chance beautiful weather  for memorial day made hikes to mt. Si, talus loop, cougar mountain more fun.

Friday, April 7, 2017

April Showers May Flowers --

There comes a time when you kind of become strong enough to not feel the workouts (its been so almost for more than 3 years now) those who do them can and will definitely agree with this. In all this credit goes to individuals as well to awesome club instructors.

Haha, reading my last post people were thinking Oh what happened?? Nothing ... that was just the collection of how somethings were overcome to reach to this point (after three different type consecutive episodes 3rd one. and denied help every single time, yes hell happy to be in this best position, million thanks to those I knew were always there rooting for good) .  Is and was always doing good. Feels so good to lift heavy weights with ease ....

Yes apart from regular things just quick wandering around  Friday harbor right during wind storm, felt nice though. Hikes and walks like Young hill etc. , driving around, exploring couple other things. Nice change. That reminds need to do some long trek, may be solo, been a while.Probably after finishing current things have signed up for.

Nice almost there , had signed up for 100 miles challenge and pretty much towards the end !!cheers!!
Done as of 17 April.... fun as always. Medal will appear soon.

Happy to finish Whidbey Island Half marathon 23 April 2017 , the course is really beautiful and very nice people. Had a lot of fun. Finished in 2:08:43 cheers!! Your competition is always with yourself . Besides did some wandering around Tulip fields and other things .

Mt. Si great anytime ....

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some things --

Sweet Memories
The part you don't want to write down about because no wording is going to be right to describe the complexity...
The power of observation, learning, listening ... Was introduced to Yoga by school friend and her mom as they were pretty active. Over morning endeavors and some weekends we did many things.

Met many interesting people and somewhere when things get introduced to you at an earlier age it kind of creates different impact. More so it depends on an individual also, how much you soak in right from information to atmosphere to everything. Given life was so busy with school, studies, classes this was kind of calm introduction and forced early morning wake up call. Could never study that early in the morning, night owl anytime!!

Some people do leave a strong impact, what they taught you before and how you saw it, u tend to remember it all. At growing age your memory is also very strong leaving a permanent mark to which time and again one can reach out to when needed. When someone keeps hand on your head and says 'always remember this' , maybe that time you didn't understand but seemed like he knew something which you didn't. Competition participation, helping running the classes, going for teaching mentally challenged students classes with friend lot of learning from her (she was the one who encouraged to take), lecture series ( bordi, ramayan set can never forget that), even the cottages with tulsi plants around and learning's etc. and still remember posing for some book publication and much more...

One can get certifications, hours etc. but everyone comes out with different knowledge and understanding even though it was the same syllabus and later what you develop is all your own ability post the foundation. Some experiences in life make you explore that part more and bring out more growth. Just knowing the names, doing the fancy poses is not the only thing, there is wayyyy much more to it. It's not a competition, what I know vs. what you know, or who is better or I have put in more years hence or anything of that sort, its just your own experience to live with and growth you found to help yourself and others in need.


 (Yay Cheers!!) :

Not sure how got into dancing or stage performances but do remember participating in all school dances and dramas and other things. It was really nice of school to encourage and give an opening platform. Was kind of ok doing that, hopefully my school friends can vouch for it or not it's up to them LOL !! Did even locally participate in stage performances and mc'ing in Seattle.  Playing sitar from childhood had a little bit of understanding of instruments. My neighbors for sure can tell the horrible sounds come when you start learning instruments and practice them, real torture and they were really calm about it. They can even tell all English songs right from "Whitney Houston" to "Brian Adams to George Michael to Michael Jackson and many more.." being played in loudest possible volume. Funny part they never complained and no one got angry!! that's cool for sure.
It's nice to touch back to that part after a while and find your groove for music and dance. Thanks to club members. Have a little bit of diva in you!! :)


When u hear a lot from people that how can u ??? It means it's something different from others. Makes you think of the question why some people are high energy? Definitely exercise, healthy diets etc. contribute but some people just seem to be always full of energy.
It's a mixture of things, these people are more confident and in control of their life. They don't get bothered by gossip or hearsay which eventually drains an individual of the energy.Yes and  there is probably something to do with genes, I am not an expert on that. False thing would be to say they don't sleep or on high fructose or caffeine dose, no one can sustain energy with these types of things. It's just the way it is, they are who they are and there are many such individuals.

People do hiking, outdoor activities, go to gym because they enjoy doing them. Some like to stay fit and want to do things they love doing over longer periods of time without problems. It's a lifestyle !


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Portugal Coastal Trek

Feb 26- Mar 4 2017
50 plus miles mostly alongside beautiful coastline.

After spending pretty much entire winter in Seattle it was about time and given had not done any long trek also something was a miss. Doing some coastal trek was in mind since long, Ireland was kind of known but came across recently added new trip for this time frame In Portugal and it worked out. It was going to be pretty tight with Friday night flight going to New york waiting for 12 hours for connection and next morning reaching right in time for the trek. With all flight delays due thunderstorm finally managed to reach Lisbon 9.30 in the morning, just in time for beginning. Good that we got change of clothing at airport and rushed to the meeting place. Nice group of people 14 altogether. Over next some days we visited villages, town and places. Somethings are better left for an individual to explore and create your own memory.

Sintra:- as the picture shows, more like some Disney castle, fairy tale place. The town has amazing welcoming vibe, very friendly people. Stroll around the place and city is equally great. Rather most interesting part was walking in the town late night. Getting up in the morning with fog around and sound of birds and creek outside, if you are like me then it's a thing. Breath of fresh air! The place certainly teaches you to slow down, appreciate everything from surroundings, food, conversations etc. things we tend to forget time and again.

Country is lush green with lots of trees, the most standing out are Cork tree forests. They are in plenty and had never seen one before. Overall the trail winds around nice beaches, rolling hills , sandy walks, lighthouses and many more things.

No one can predict weather and its never the weather its just the improper clothing. So layer up is the best thing and enjoy the beauty of the place. Sometimes when you visit a place its always one season you get to see during your period of stay. It was really nice to experience a mix drizzle, rain, wind, see wild flowers, sun and see how beautiful things look in different settings.

Apart from the place the food is a thing and tastes really good. So take you time to savor and just chill out. This might have been the most relaxing kind of trek so far. The people in the group were with similar interests and pretty active with lots of accomplishments of their own. It was nice to hear their stories, experiences and find out new things. Guides made the biggest difference by bringing out fun and knowledge at the same time with lending helping hand anytime and every time it was needed. Pursuing their further studies and doing this, their knowledge base was great.  

Were on kind of short schedule hence didn't explore anything else much. Just last day spent in Lisbon hills before next flight back home. Sometime again .... 

Its a beautiful unspoiled place with nice food, people to chill out. Have fun!! Did I just open up the secluded spot or next I know it will be like some trails I just hate going these days with huge lineup of  hikers. Maybe!! or not really !!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Awesome !!

Beautiful start to February, apart from regular things ( well now I don't even want to post of this hike and that something etc. etc. over weekend) a sudden cold spell brought nice snow in the city. Seems like it did happen over new years too but we missed it that time. Really glad it stuck to the ground and when u get a snow day....

Early morning Running in the snow and then back to ....

Yes, after long time got chance for snowshoe hiking at mt. rainier. Gorgeous day and nice set of people to share fun with.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snow - welcome 2017!

When you write about past things with lots of backlog and  eventually not picture perfect memory of exactly why you wrote that small note here and there, its really hard to expand on it. In my own terms its like "putting too much of Today into Yesterday", means in order to complete that sentence in the note one tries to modify as per one feels today about it and not when it happened. Given that, New year new start.

New year started with a bang, spent two weekends from 20degree Celsius to 20 degree Fahrenheit. 

Some snow activities:-
Over time have taken many friends for snow-tubing rather introduced them to snow-tubing. Its fun, just glide and good enough workout if you opt to walk uphill.

Snowshoe hiking came in later, which we pretty much have gotten addicted to. Started new year with 3 snowshoe hikes in Whistler BC, pretty cold temperatures. Nice start. Later on did some more, hope the season lasts longer.
It's lot of fun when doing with bunch of friends.
The snowshoe 5k / 3k runs are also nice things to do for a cause. Couple years back did do it.

One of the best thing to start 2017 was "Snowmobiling" and in really freezing temps with wind its further amazing.

Many times question comes why so far not tried skiing? well first time planned for lessons there was no snow, and later the lessons were too full. Besides have heard many people getting knee operations post skiing, may be next time but not without lessons.

Dog Sledding is another event with ever ready dogs happily taking you to places.They are so enthusiastic and happy to run. Horse driven Sleigh rides, walking on frozen lakes, Ice skating and many more things. 

Almost month into new years and Happy to have first half marathon under the belt ! !Rain Run