Friday, September 16, 2016

60 Miles walk for Susan G. Komen

3 Day 60 miles walk Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer :- 
Sept. 16-18 / 2016 Seattle

Since long time after seeing the Pink tents lined up in the Marymoor Park wanted to at least know what is it all about, Susan G. Komen 3 day 60 miles walk for Breast Cancer. Finally 2016 Sept- 16/17/18 turned out to be the year where it would happen in Seattle. Apart from challenging myself for the 60 miles being a first time walker wanted to understand and get an understanding.

Cancer is cancer, let it be lung, stomach, throat, breast or any other type there is level of suffering felt by every individual going through it. The one who is directly affected by it. Then there are those immediate surrounding people spouses etc and then those who want to help and support because they believe in finding some solution for it. Everyone has their own reason why they are raising money and doing the walk.

Met many people on the way during the walk some survivors for many years. The very first time everyone who came to know about it was the day I guess everyone would say why me?? some already knew due strong family history that they were susceptible for it and were little more mentally prepared. But still. They went through the treatment, the agony, everything and are still, but they have learned to take care of themselves more, more aware of what products they use, lesser use of chemicals more organic, stay more fit and dedicated to help find cure. It's most important to inspect yourself  and pay attention to slightest doubts you have which found to be the key in early detection and treatment. Fitness is not a craze and in order to be able to do things on your own at any age it's as important as breathing fresh air.

Mostly its a family on broader scale creating support network. No where one would see the disappointment or cribbing, people were full of enthusiasm and motivated. One big family having these big get-togethers. Many of them have been doing these walks over many years and by no means they are simple. It's definitely a testament of your physical ability. But they keep doing it. There are others who keep learning from their experiences.  The close knit circle.

It was a great experience worth cherishing. If you want to support something just do it. Right from raising funds to meeting people, joining them on some walks, getting to know various peoples viewpoints, becoming part of group and knowing some peoples stories, walking with them, challenging myself to do this, all was an amazing experience. Never had even thought 60 miles were possible. But yes, could do it and non-arrogantly happy and proud about it. I am glad I could be part of this and create memories for lifetime!!