Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March -

Yup ... i have to for sake of some individuals , others ignore ....  will delete after some days ...

Sat 4: Nice trail walk .....
Mon 5: Early morning high fitness. Great to catch up with people after a while.
Tue 6: Nice jam with nice group
Wed 7: Barbell lady rocked with 100 plus pushups of different kinds besides all heavy weights and  everything else .
Thurs 8: Jam with nice ladies and BTB
Fri 9: Well got good opportunity to try something after long time reason highfit instructor OOT. 
Sat 10: Day well spent volunteering and show in the evening. Hamilton was great.
Sun 11: Just small hikes etc.
Mon 12: Highfitness was great today, glad the lady got back.

 [ Both of us are members of club and anyone can take any classes , based on time , requirement and many other factors or do your own workouts. Yes all instructors are good, he has taken cycle classes where instructors were female and I have where male instructors teach.Who cares as long as you get great workout you came for & everyone is great. Besides every class will have mix of individual participants. Like in you school , college , dramas, work ... so many places. If on spur of moment I think of guru's  in India, Great people like Pandit Birju maharaj, Shaimak davar, Sitar masters, instrument masters there is big female / male lineup to learn something.  Even there will be big female / male line up to learn from Saroj khan, renowned singers, instrument players etc. who are female.

Its small thinking that provokes people to think  & talk filth and there is no need for that. have a great workout  or whatever you do, whoever you do it with, or may be alone its purely your choice. Just have good fun in that. ] This was meant for some set individuals other ignore it wouldn't make any sense.

Mar 13 : Nice event tonight met many cool individuals.  Since someone asked "how come you were not ??" well that's how in 2016 diwali  inlaws roamed with me.  Read the September  "reach the beach bike ride post" : ref:

<== doing great !

Tue 13: Nice Jam with group of ladies, drop in if you want to no one is stopping you. Or do what workouts u want to do no one is stopping you for that too.
Wed 14: Barbell lady rocked today.....pretty cool weights
Thurs 15: Nice Jam with nice group and BTB
Fri 16:- Regular lady was out of town for highfit, stair climb was good & got chance to do first time,  had just done one / two time friday night where 6 of them come together for some event long time back, Nice fast pace. Evening was nice.
Sat 17:-didn't even know abt event .. nice on trails..

Sun 18:- Lake 22 didn't disappoint with friends.
Mon 19:- High fitness was great bonus weights .....
Tue 20:- Nice morning walk and  Jam was good with group ...  Just increase the intensity of music, pace and get your cardio if you are obsessed with everyday cardio. What you want is up to you.