Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday season :-

Wed 29 : Supporting a great cause and seeing them do amazing things is really something, in part glad to donate time and money both in terms of volunteering for trail work, planting etc and just some small monetary contributions over time since 2015.

Glad got to witness collective efforts and how far things have come and listening to experiences during the annual function over wednesday. Very nicely organized event, people, food everything was amazing. Last year missed it but this year I could , was glad to be part of it.

Just hikes etc : -- 

For past couple weekends, some snowshoe hikes, regular hikes  and lucky could get my first Ski lessons finally. All pictures in the above link are on instagram ( well my instagram account and facebook are not connected), some slide shows on instagram just hover over picture and you can see which one's are slideshows. Enjoy.

Dec 6 / 2017
Yay!! what was received in the mail today ....
Running through fall medal .... had finished long back, nice to see medal ...

Actually could have done one more long trek over past two months just didn't happen, some or the other things keep coming up and had signed up for somethings which had to be finished, n'ways. 

Dec 10:
Just one more to the season: Kendall lake snowshoe. Started kind of late in afternoon some 8 plus miles, maxx elevation some 4500,very freezing temps with blowing snow, dense fog and kind of white out. Beautiful though. More pics on insta. Since someone asked , layering (for top: base layer, thin fleece or warm layer on top, thin jacket  over it and have spare thick jacket in backpack and rain jacket & rain pants, For bottom: base layer and hiking pants or fleece lined hiking pants etc. ) One might feel inflated with all these clothing as everyone is different and each one will need less or more of them. You can easily take layers off / on as and when needed. As long as one is comfortable that's what matters. Enjoy!