Monday, August 7, 2017

Biking 2017 :-

Emerald bike ride / some others
It's kind of interesting thing to add to the list. Growing up remember those times when did one round around the lake and that's it done deal , more energy was spent lifting the bike and taking it to fourth floor and getting it down.

But still I think once you have learned something U might need more tuning to get back in touch, you can at least ride.

Totally agree, bikes here are very different (gears and all, the one I rode at home was just basic , now all fancy bikes are available everywhere) with all riding rules and other things.

Tulip pedal ride was the first organized ride done here, I think after that got kinda occupied with many other things, Emerald bike ride by cascade bicycle club was
the one did recently and now just some other rides over weekends.
People who know me really know this is venturing in different world.. :).

 Just kidding!! having fun so far!!.