Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tour du Mont Blanc -Part 1

June 29 - July 17 ---- some other things apart from trek will be covered in part 2

July 4 - 12 2018  Hiking/ Trekking
110 Miles plus some

Mont Blanc Circuit 170 km (110 miles) around Mont Blanc through Italy, France, Switzerland.. crossing many passes, varied landscapes, wildlife sightings, perfect timing for wild flowers & of course mountain weather which is unpredictable & that's the best part (sun, fog, mist , rain, thunder). Usually done in 11 some days, well as always last minute and had to shop around for availability for the time frame. Later discovered to some extent how this came about and got added as additional trip and thanks to coolest group for joining, without whom it wouldn't have materialized  "L-DOSBMJZ - YVRJ'  ( Thnx). This was the first time with Salamander and they did really great in all aspects.

The trek is really very well supported with refuges at places, water facilities, one can get food, in that
sense kind of luxury while hiking / trekking . We had our own picnics & other things which were really neat, thanks to our group we had further luxury of hot beverages, frisbee atop mountain, our own impromptu competitions :) and what not. The guides / individuals at mountain huts, museums are really helpful &  eager to share information with everyone. One can do self guided or with guide ( from my pov: for this one the second option is coolest in particular as you have fun with group for this long distance). Given this was Soccer world cup it was perfect timing to visit and experience the matches here. More on it later. If you are fan of it , your walking speed would automatically reflect it :)

For the trek itself, it can be done clockwise or counter clockwise. We happened to do it clockwise in 8 days with extra day of further hiking. The highest pass elevation wise is 9000 feet and rest all walks are mountain walks with different terrain, dirt, talus fields, gravel, rocks etc. You name it and you have it. Some small snow fields to cross based on what time of the year one does it. Being very famous trek in Europe one can find all information about route etc. anywhere and there is already too much information available on the net. Sometimes or rather its always good to experience somethings in surprised fashion and not with all calculations and reading too much into other individuals experiences. Atleast that's what works for me, can not define it for others.There will always be variations based on mountain weather conditions & some other factors for people taking different routes. No matter what, Overall beautiful place, people, culture. It was nice to experience local dances on Italian side with enthusiastic group of kids.

Chamonix and surrounding area is Macca for runners of many kinds and got a chance to see some events which were going on ( later on did run in national park and it was good), besides the world climbing championships were being held in Chamonix which was delight to see,  really motivated & daring dirt bikers (once you see where they ride bikes one would know ) are sight to behold.

Just before starting trek spent couple days in Annecy, France and at the end couple in Nice,France. Exploring town and hiking around some places.

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Trek album is shared with group & will be uploaded soon here.
TMB Part 2 :-

Wed  18 :barbell strong weights ..
Thurs 19: BTB weights , Jam
Fri 20: High fitness
Sat 21: 10 some miles .....
Sun 22: usually its different , this time it was further different had nice High event  early morning and somethings ....