Sunday, February 26, 2017

Portugal Coastal Trek

Feb 26- Mar 4 2017
50 plus miles mostly alongside beautiful coastline.

After spending pretty much entire winter in Seattle it was about time and given had not done any long trek also something was a miss. Doing some coastal trek was in mind since long, Ireland was kind of known but came across recently added new trip for this time frame In Portugal and it worked out. It was going to be pretty tight with Friday night flight going to New york waiting for 12 hours for connection and next morning reaching right in time for the trek. With all flight delays due thunderstorm finally managed to reach Lisbon 9.30 in the morning, just in time for beginning. Good that we got change of clothing at airport and rushed to the meeting place. Nice group of people 14 altogether. Over next some days we visited villages, town and places. Somethings are better left for an individual to explore and create your own memory.

Sintra:- as the picture shows, more like some Disney castle, fairy tale place. The town has amazing welcoming vibe, very friendly people. Stroll around the place and city is equally great. Rather most interesting part was walking in the town late night. Getting up in the morning with fog around and sound of birds and creek outside, if you are like me then it's a thing. Breath of fresh air! The place certainly teaches you to slow down, appreciate everything from surroundings, food, conversations etc. things we tend to forget time and again.

Country is lush green with lots of trees, the most standing out are Cork tree forests. They are in plenty and had never seen one before. Overall the trail winds around nice beaches, rolling hills , sandy walks, lighthouses and many more things.

No one can predict weather and its never the weather its just the improper clothing. So layer up is the best thing and enjoy the beauty of the place. Sometimes when you visit a place its always one season you get to see during your period of stay. It was really nice to experience a mix drizzle, rain, wind, see wild flowers, sun and see how beautiful things look in different settings.

Apart from the place the food is a thing and tastes really good. So take you time to savor and just chill out. This might have been the most relaxing kind of trek so far. The people in the group were with similar interests and pretty active with lots of accomplishments of their own. It was nice to hear their stories, experiences and find out new things. Guides made the biggest difference by bringing out fun and knowledge at the same time with lending helping hand anytime and every time it was needed. Pursuing their further studies and doing this, their knowledge base was great.  

Were on kind of short schedule hence didn't explore anything else much. Just last day spent in Lisbon hills before next flight back home. Sometime again .... 

Its a beautiful unspoiled place with nice food, people to chill out. Have fun!! Did I just open up the secluded spot or next I know it will be like some trails I just hate going these days with huge lineup of  hikers. Maybe!! or not really !!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Awesome !!

Beautiful start to February, apart from regular things ( well now I don't even want to post of this hike and that something etc. etc. over weekend) a sudden cold spell brought nice snow in the city. Seems like it did happen over new years too but we missed it that time. Really glad it stuck to the ground and when u get a snow day....

Early morning Running in the snow and then back to ....

Yes, after long time got chance for snowshoe hiking at mt. rainier. Gorgeous day and nice set of people to share fun with.