Monday, April 18, 2016

Some leg work

20 plus miles leg work, well for first it was remote possibility even thinking about it let alone doing it. There are many, will add eventually but for now some memorable experiences:

Most of the times these being last minute decisions, finding places to live or taking break journey are kind of impossible. I might say do these at your own risk, so far these kind of strenuous things have worked for us (no pains or anything others might experience) as in going, doing it and coming back to routine the next day. Nice experiences.

Grand Canyon: 18, April 2016

Rim to River to Rim
Started around 7.15 in the morning and finished about 3.30 in the afternoon.
Started from South Kaibab Trailhead (7200ft) at south rim went all the way down to the river to Phantom ranch and came back via Bright Angel Trailhead (6840ft). Sudden cold spell of weather with huge wind gusts, hail storm and sunny would be the weather highlights. It is such a nice feeling when unplanned you meet someone on the trail with whom you have done hikes previously. We were really laughing out loud.
This is amazing walk with lots steps, wind, one can trace the path through this photo journey.

Havasupai: 16, June 2015

Part of Grand Canyon where local Indian village settlement is and protected, sacred places. Starting at the rim 10 miles walk down the valley to the village, there are campsites and back up.
Place has number of dogs and sometimes one has to be watchful. The waterfalls are amazing places to explore. Walk through the cave in Mooney falls is fun.With majority being girls we had fun. Hike to remember under the starry sky.

Enchantments:  18, August 2014 

One needs permits for staying overnight otherwise its a 20+ miles day hike. It was all so sudden,couple friends were doing it and we could join. Since we were starting early reached the previous night. Next day morning with headlamps on marched from Colchuck lake to famous Asgard
pass. Rocky, graveled walk by the side of waterfall and finally to the top. Peaks and surroundings are amazing top up, but with not much time in hands started return journey. Many lakes to pass by, boulders, narrow walkways, downhills almost 7000 feet to end with never ending zigzag path. All worth it !! we did it. Started at 5.30am and finished by 7pm.