Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mud Runs

These are very interesting to bring out inner child in you. Remember the days when you would splash water on friends in rain and wouldn't care. Something like that. Usually they are obstacle courses with mud pits, muddy water pools with light electric current, walls to climb, ropes to hang on , tunnels to pass, wire mesh / rope mesh to climb ( if anyone has ever done the challenge course they would know ) etc. Depending on the race the number of obstacles will vary 15, 28 or more or less and the distance too, 3 miles to 5 miles or more.

Usually the races are held in big fields and time wave is assigned to avoid the rush. Its a nice way to be playful. Awaken the inner child in you and face your challenges (everyone has different reason for doing this and many other things) !!

Did  this and later some other ...