Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Pills

Yay feeling great!! on Global run day , became Brooks Athlete. It is such a coincidence since the time started running have been using Brooks shoes, right now what I have are 'launch' . What everyone wears is their personal choice based on what suits their feet and have seen over the time it even changes, for me these work really well.

Haha , need to take some cool running picture but for now one from Feb 2017 winter works.

Feeling awesome, blessed
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Well I need to put my own runs done page or results page, Athlinks keeps changing their website and many results one adds get removed, re-adding them is just a task. So not all things done are listed there but they are really trying their best to keep up. Not blaming but just something ...The link is very much present on this blog under the "Have fun- some other blogs" category, on right side just scroll down.... njoy ...

Happy pills ----- 25 / 30 pounds and 200 squats ... ohhhh !! feels nice. These days intense workouts are really amazing...

Life is great!!!

17-June : nice day for some run and volunteer work , blackberry removal.

Yay!! Sun June 18:
Solo zipilining on fathers day.
Was little cloudy and rainy earlier but rain stopped and enjoyed zipping in the trees....

When at last minute one has to change plans ...... oops!!! not good thing but happens!! still beautiful sat. 24th .. Sun.25th WOW !! even 800 ft. elevation felt high enough in scorching heat with no shade, 7/8 miles started around 11.30ish , god knows how high the temps were. 85 F or more. Nice wknd with strawberry festival etc. etc ...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Water it is :-

Growing up, as far I remember we had only one public swimming pool near our place, one year in vacation got admission and with enthusiastic schoolies learned to float. Well later studies, exam and came the next year vacation but the admissions were all over for entry and there went the learning in water...

Come to think of it, have done many water activities without it. Parasailing, jet boats, whitewater rafting, boat rides, snorkeling not in deep waters though, sailing, river rides, river hikes and many other things. One of the most interesting recent was, crossing muddy river walking through it without knowing depth or for that matter absolutely anything as to what lives in that river (very interesting... :) ) .

June 6:

Getting one more year younger always starts with something new, well this time it was lesson come ride on sail boat. It was really interesting to understand how to steer it , use of ropes, setting sails and many other things. Had real fun, turned out to be really amazing thing. Imagine taking pictures with camera later to realize memory card was missing :) This time it was my bad and that was first time. Iphone for rescue, glad had taken at least some shots with it. Reason enough .....

 keep happy! keep healthy! keep moving!!

Feeling great!!

June 10:

Beautiful day on water again.
First time experience in a canoe. Had done other things before not the canoe. Basically front person rows and back steers, both using paddles. Once got the hang of it which really didn't take time at all, it was nice. Catching and riding on waves generated by other power boats, wind and newbies who do not get hang of rowing or the one's who have done it before but still ride little weird in kind of zigzag patterns are to watch out for, also other boats, canoes, paddle boarders. Best way to deal with this is to row faster and keep long enough distance in between. It was lot of fun 4 miles of rowing. 

June 11:

Nice day, initial plans were of something different which changed later. Hike come walk and balancing acts in the woods. Pulling some balancing acts on logs and tree stumps in not so yoga friendly attire though it was skort (hiking skirt with built in shorts), haha :), yup still was fun.

One of the best question asked was how can one stay calm among all the unwanted noise around? :

For beginners basic answer is simple "Shallow waters make more noise,people who are making noise are hiding their lies and trying to cover their wrong doings by making noise. If those kind can party, then you have even more right to enjoy life and one has to think do people know even ounce of your side of story?
if answer is " no" then enjoy full on. One should ask " what is it that you know about me from me?? Put all the details with facts out, word by word who said what and who did what and put out your story."

Have a great Life!!