Friday, April 7, 2017

April Showers May Flowers --

There comes a time when you kind of become strong enough to not feel the workouts (its been so almost for more than 3 years now) those who do them can and will definitely agree with this. In all this credit goes to individuals as well to awesome club instructors.

Haha, reading my last post people were thinking Oh what happened?? Nothing ... that was just the collection of how somethings were overcome to reach to this point (after three different type consecutive episodes 3rd one. and denied help every single time, yes hell happy to be in this best position, million thanks to those I knew were always there rooting for good) .  Is and was always doing good. Feels so good to lift heavy weights with ease ....

Yes apart from regular things just quick wandering around  Friday harbor right during wind storm, felt nice though. Hikes and walks like Young hill etc. , driving around, exploring couple other things. Nice change. That reminds need to do some long trek, may be solo, been a while.Probably after finishing current things have signed up for.

Nice almost there , had signed up for 100 miles challenge and pretty much towards the end !!cheers!!
Done as of 17 April.... fun as always. Medal will appear soon.

Happy to finish Whidbey Island Half marathon 23 April 2017 , the course is really beautiful and very nice people. Had a lot of fun. Finished in 2:08:43 cheers!! Your competition is always with yourself . Besides did some wandering around Tulip fields and other things .

Mt. Si great anytime ....