Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some things --

Sweet Memories
The part you don't want to write down about because no wording is going to be right to describe the complexity...
The power of observation, learning, listening ... Was introduced to Yoga by school friend and her mom as they were pretty active. Over morning endeavors and some weekends we did many things.

Met many interesting people and somewhere when things get introduced to you at an earlier age it kind of creates different impact. More so it depends on an individual also, how much you soak in right from information to atmosphere to everything. Given life was so busy with school, studies, classes this was kind of calm introduction and forced early morning wake up call. Could never study that early in the morning, night owl anytime!!

Some people do leave a strong impact, what they taught you before and how you saw it, u tend to remember it all. At growing age your memory is also very strong leaving a permanent mark to which time and again one can reach out to when needed. When someone keeps hand on your head and says 'always remember this' , maybe that time you didn't understand but seemed like he knew something which you didn't. Competition participation, helping running the classes, going for teaching mentally challenged students classes with friend lot of learning from her (she was the one who encouraged to take), lecture series ( bordi, ramayan set can never forget that), even the cottages with tulsi plants around and learning's etc. and still remember posing for some book publication and much more...

It just says' it's from year 87 and won first rank in Yoga competition:

One can get certifications, hours etc. but everyone comes out with different knowledge and understanding even though it was the same syllabus and later what you develop is all your own ability post the foundation. Some experiences in life make you explore that part more and bring out more growth. Just knowing the names, doing the fancy poses is not the only thing, there is wayyyy much more to it. It's not a competition, what I know vs. what you know, or who is better or I have put in more years hence or anything of that sort, its just your own experience to live with and growth you found to help yourself and others in need.


 (Yay Cheers!!) :

Not sure how got into dancing or stage performances but do remember participating in all school dances and dramas and other things. It was really nice of school to encourage and give an opening platform. Was kind of ok doing that, hopefully my school friends can vouch for it or not it's up to them LOL !! Did even locally participate in stage performances and mc'ing in Seattle.  Playing sitar from childhood had a little bit of understanding of instruments. My neighbors for sure can tell the horrible sounds come when you start learning instruments and practice them, real torture and they were really calm about it. They can even tell all English songs right from "Whitney Houston" to "Brian Adams to George Michael to Michael Jackson and many more.." being played in loudest possible volume. Funny part they never complained and no one got angry!! that's cool for sure.
It's nice to touch back to that part after a while and find your groove for music and dance. Thanks to club members. Have a little bit of diva in you!! :)


When u hear a lot from people that how can u ??? It means it's something different from others. Makes you think of the question why some people are high energy? Definitely exercise, healthy diets etc. contribute but some people just seem to be always full of energy.
It's a mixture of things, these people are more confident and in control of their life. They don't get bothered by gossip or hearsay which eventually drains an individual of the energy.Yes and  there is probably something to do with genes, I am not an expert on that. False thing would be to say they don't sleep or on high fructose or caffeine dose, no one can sustain energy with these types of things. It's just the way it is, they are who they are and there are many such individuals.

People do hiking, outdoor activities, go to gym because they enjoy doing them. Some like to stay fit and want to do things they love doing over longer periods of time without problems. It's a lifestyle !