Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snow - welcome 2017!

When you write about past things with lots of backlog and  eventually not picture perfect memory of exactly why you wrote that small note here and there, its really hard to expand on it. In my own terms its like "putting too much of Today into Yesterday", means in order to complete that sentence in the note one tries to modify as per one feels today about it and not when it happened. Given that, New year new start.

New year started with a bang, spent two weekends from 20degree Celsius to 20 degree Fahrenheit. 

Some snow activities:-
Over time have taken many friends for snow-tubing rather introduced them to snow-tubing. Its fun, just glide and good enough workout if you opt to walk uphill.

Snowshoe hiking came in later, which we pretty much have gotten addicted to. Started new year with 3 snowshoe hikes in Whistler BC, pretty cold temperatures. Nice start. Later on did some more, hope the season lasts longer.
It's lot of fun when doing with bunch of friends.
The snowshoe 5k / 3k runs are also nice things to do for a cause. Couple years back did do it.

One of the best thing to start 2017 was "Snowmobiling" and in really freezing temps with wind its further amazing. For shared vehicle ( if individual is not available ) on snowmobile both individuals have to have movement control to avoid toppling , there are many other things involved too.

Many times question comes why so far not tried skiing? well first time planned for lessons there was no snow, and later the lessons were too full. Besides have heard many people getting knee operations post skiing, may be next time but not without lessons.

Dog Sledding is another event with ever ready dogs happily taking you to places.They are so enthusiastic and happy to run. Horse driven Sleigh rides, walking on frozen lakes, Ice skating and many more things. 

Almost month into new years and Happy to have first half marathon under the belt ! !Rain Run